Phrase Tags

Phrase Tags

They are different from the text styling tags but these tags not only used for presentational purposes but they also give description about their content like text in between <address> tags indicates address of person or company and hence, the importance of text.

These tags provide text styling similar to text styling tags like <b>, <i>, <u> or CSS can also be used for the purpose but these tags add contextual information about the information between their opening and closing tags which is useful for search engines and screen readers which web pages to blind users. All of them have universal and UI event attributes. They are listed as

Tag Purpose
<em> Emphasis
<strong> Emphasis
<address> Addresses
<abbr> Abbreviations
<acronym> Acronyms
<dfn> Key Terms
The <blockquote> Quotations
cite Attribute and <blockquote> Quotations
The <q> Quotations
The <cite> Citations
The <code> Computer Code
The <kbd> Computer Code
The <var> Computer Code
The <samp> Computer Code
<ins> and <del> Text Editing


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