Website Security Need

Website security is usually overlooked though it has gained importance in recent times due to increased attacks on websites. Websites are publicly accessible web resource which has an higher risk profile due to it. Security is an ongoing activity as new vulnerabilities are exposed in software used on web thus increasing the risk exposure on an ongoing basis.

Security has two dimension coverage of managing the internal and external security risks where, internal security risks arise due to users managing the website either due to disgruntled employee or non-skilled employee who misconfigures the software and external security risk due to hackers or vulnerability in software.

Security for website is crucial for their round the clock 24*7*365 days operation. Few reasons for which illustrate the need of security for websites are

  • Blacklisting and banning by Google
  • Blacklisting by web-based security lists being followed across the world
  • Stealing of confidential information
  • Loss of trust amongst customers
  • Litigations due to consumer’s data compromise

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