Website Implementation

Implementing a website means passing of the website from the design stage to the completion and the launch of the web site which usually involves the following steps

Develop the strategy

Developing the strategy for the web site involves answering basic questions which usually includes

  • What is the purpose of organization’s Web site?
  • What content will be on the Web – Text or Images or Sound and other media files?
  • What are the priorities?

Registering a domain name

It involves selecting and reserving a domain name which should be suitable to be easily remembered by the end users. Usually hosting companies also provide domain name registration for a year. Domain names are registered with InterNIC. Domain stalkers also purchase popular domain name and trade it for a higher fees hence, domain name should be well chosen and maintained thereon.

Web Server Space Hosting

Organizations have 2 options as discussed earlier, of having own server or rent server space from a Web site provider.

Design & Create Your Web

It involves developing first the architecture or the blueprint and then developing it. Architecting is done by diagramming a site using specialized software or website development software also provides feature for website viewing.

Then translate the blueprint into actual website of files, graphics, and multimedia content as desired by using website development software.

Publish & Test

As web pages or HTML files are developed along with, other Web objects (like graphics, or media files) collected in a folder, the next step is to transmit those files to the Web server. The Web site provider or the web site administrator usually provides easy-to-follow and explicit instructions on how to post content to the web server, including a user name and password that be required to access the server. Publishing and testing the web site is a four-stage process

  • Post content to Web server
  • Test navigational structure, links, forms, and look & feel
  • Proofread the site content
  • Fix all mistakes

Promote the web Site

Utilize SEO techniques to popularize thee web sites. Upload original content as it receives higher search rankings.

Manage the web site

After development and upload of the web site, it needs to be maintained in terms of ongoing updates to the website content as well as any changes to be made to the website with respect to the website hits or visitors to the website

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