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Web Storage provides a client-side method for saving session information. Web Storage is a new HTML5 API offering important benefits over traditional cookies. All major browsers support it. Cookie had data-capacity limitations of 4KB per cookie but web storage has a simple API to get and set key/value pairs and the storage depends on the browser settings usually 5 to 10 MB per domain. The data being stored can be accessed using JavaScript. The web storage API provides following methods

Attribute Detail
setItem(key,value) adds a key/value pair to the sessionStorage object.
getItem(key) retrieves the value for a given key.
clear() removes all key/value pairs for the sessionStorage object.
removeItem(key) removes a key/value pair from the sessionStorage object.
key(n) retrieves the value for key[n].

As implemented in the example below.

<a href=”javascript:;” onClick=”if(sessionStorage && sessionStorage.getItem(‘name’)) { alert(‘Come back soon, ‘ + sessionStorage.getItem(‘name’)); }”>Sign Out</a>

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