HTML5 Tutorial | Viewing the Source

Viewing the Source

People learn about HTML by using the view source facility provided by almost all the browsers. Following steps are to be taken

  • In the web browser, open the page whose code we like to see.
  • Choose View > Page Source or Page > View Source, or View Source.

Viewing existing HTML code usually facilitate an inexperienced person to locate areas that cause problems. Furthermore it enables to learn various features on existing web pages that may encounter while surfing the web. There are two ways of viewing source HTML

Right clicking – Right click of mouse on the web page, and then clicking View source. In case of frames, source of frame is accessed and not that of the web page.

Menu Bar – In view menu which is usually present in all browsers, click the source option to view the source code.

Viewing the Source

Viewing the Source 2

HTML code can easily be copied to be used for other pages or they can be taken from existing web pages, and then modifying that code to suite needs.

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