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The Apple iPhone comes all the way with many innovative, excellent and amazing utilities. Let’s look at it this way;  from file and document synchronization to the  amazing Wi-Fi locators, these variety of powerful utilities are possibly the secret and have the every reason to put the Apple iPhone on the got-to-have-it list of every one that walks upon the earth in this new age high-tech environment. Here, we can have a brief glance at the list of the most useful utility applications.

  • MiGhtyDocs

The MiGhtyDocs Google allied application offers you the opportunity to synchronize your iPhone files with your Google docs files for offline reading. This directly implies that with this very utility application you can comfortably work with your documents and files from your iPhone without necessarily being online.

  • WiFiFoFum

This utility application of iPhone has the functional capacity to scan through 802.11 networks and offers you an ocean of information about each one, comprising among others:

2. MAC
3. RSSI (Signal strength)
4. Channel
5. AP mode
6. Security mode, and
7. Available transmission rates.

With all these made available to you through the functionality of your  WiFiFoFum, you are a free to connect to the network of your choice once you have the security access point or incase it is public. And as matter of fact you are enabled to view and save locations and view them on the built-in Map of app of your iPhone, or even send it by mail. The WiFiFoFum allows you to save passwords, while the main list is sorted by signal strength so that you can choose the best network of your preference.

  • Mobile Air Mouse

The Mobile Air Mouse automatically transforms your iPhone into a wireless remote sensor for your computer; Very amazing and thrilling to use. With this powerful utility application, someone can control his or her components in your computer including photo library, music player, et cetera, from a reasonable distance.  As a matter of fact it doubles as track pad which gives it the capacity to put your computer at your finger tips while you are on the go.

The above application is a must -have for the home theatre PC, because with it, whatever program you have running on the PC will be displaced on your iPhone screen in connection with the appropriate control keys. Imagine having a single on-screen control sensor for all your media applications of PC and Mac.

  • Swiss Army Knife

This is the darling utility application of the financial business and education worlds. The AppBoxPro comes all the way with a host of packages, including a currency converter, loan calculator, language translator, a unit converter with 17 categories, and numerous others. As a market hero, this iPhone utility application enjoys a four – and a half star rating from over a thousand users because of the phenomenal functionality it offers.

  • File Viewer

With this utility you are provided with the capability to view files right from your iPhone. In case you receive a word or PDF file in your email, you can comfortably have a view of it from the convenience of your Apple iPhone. The File Viewer which is a new application enables you to have a look at the PDFs, the Word docs, Excel Spread Sheets and the PowerPoint presentations, while supporting other many common file types for data, images and media, including;

1. Pdf
2. Doc
3. Xls
4. Ppt
5. Pps
6. Txt
7. Rtf
8. Htm
9. Xml
10. Csv

The lists of the iPhone 3GS utility applications are quite inexhaustible. However, what we have here will give a general idea of what is available and the prospects that lies ahead for iPhone users.

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