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Attractive and interactive user interface designs are all the rage for smartphone, tablet and other tech savvy device users, therefore the appearance of an application is of utmost importance when it comes to how popular it is going to be. The more well designed, interactive and simple to use an app’s user interface design is, the more downloads and purchases it will have.

The iPhone is like the oasis of all device technology, with its stunning form, mind-blowing navigation and software and user friendly interface. He has made severe strides in the market of mobile technology and ever since its birth it has slowly been eradicating any perspective competition, giving them a run for their money.

The apple store is the first platform to present such a remarkable list of mobile applications and other services that make mobile technology fun and productive experience, leaving its sorry rivals with no choice but to try and follow. Still, some may say there’s no competing with Apple – most would agree. With the greatest app library on the web, it showcases a large number of iOS apps of every nature, genre and category. The iPhone allows for magnificently designed iPhone apps what with its own stunning user interface for the pleasure of iOS users across the globe.

We will be looking at some 28 eye catching iPhone app user interface designs below, a collection of neatly and creatively put together visual designs of apps available for download so you can experience their brilliance first hand.

iPhone App User Interface Designs



Istid is an app that picks up your location and maps out a number of the best ice creameries nearby and also provides users the option rate them. Designed by Danish designer Karsten Moskajer Kofood, it boasts a smooth graphic design with its clean cut layout and online form.


Blackbook is your ideal one-stop contact list, with its neat black and white design, makes for an attractive and contemporary user interface. This app was actually launched by a major international design form, Wieden + Kennedy, exclusively for their employees.


Air Dictate

Art dictate is true to its name, allowing for a comfortable voice dictation experience efficiently employing a speech-to-text functionality. This app takes the capabilities of Apple’s famous Siri to new heights, making for an overall beautifully designed and user friendly interface.


Metheo is another contender in the fast and furious race of weather apps, and it is surely a worthy one. Metheo’s neat minimal icons, cooling color theme and overall layout suggest a very light design very pleasing to the eyes, altogether resulting in an exquisite user interface design.

Nike Fuel+ App Concept


We’re well familiar with Nike’s collaboration with Apple to make this amazingly productive fitness app for iOS users. The Nike fuel concept is an efficient countdown timer that documents your exercise and workout experience, in the process awarding your physical activity with special Fuel Points to keep you going.

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