Unordered Lists

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In it instead of number, different types of bullets are prefixed to each list item.

An unordered list starts with the opening tag <ul> and ends with the closing tag </ul>. Each individual item in the list is nested inside the opening tag <ul> and the closing tag </ul>. Also, each individual item is contained in the opening <li> and closing </li> tags similar to the ordered list as shown

HTML code






Browser output

Unordered Lists

The <ul> and <li> elements can carry all the universal attributes and UI event attributes. But it also has the type attribute

type attribute – It is used to change the style of the bullets and its options are

  • disc – displayed as a small, filled-in circle
  • circle – displayed as an open circle
  • square – displayed as filled-in square

By default unordered lists use the disc style, which is usually represented as a small, filled-in circle. However, if unordered lists are nested —that is, if an unordered list is included in another unordered list—the default value changes.

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