Troubleshooting Memory

Memory problem result in boot failure, system hang or freeze, intermittent application errors and can cause General Protection Fault (GPF) error in Windows. Problems can be due to

Installation problem

  • Remove RAM and reinstall the module.
  • RAM module should sit in socket at the same height as other modules, and clips on each side of the slot are in latched positions.
  • Check for RAM support by motherboard as per motherboard documentation.
  • Verify that BIOS setup recognizes RAM correctly.
  • Check operating system support of total memory as 32-bit OS can address 4 GB RAM.
  • Remove RAM and check if error message disappear.
  • Try RAM in different slots.
  • Clean RAM edge connectors with a soft cloth or contact cleaner.
  • Blow dust from the memory sockets but do not touch the edge connectors or the slot.

Repetitive problems

  • If system locks up or freezes or receiving error messages about illegal operations, general protection faults during normal operation is due to unreliable memory, then
  • Check for viruses.
  • Use the memory diagnostics tool of operating system or third party tool to test memory.
  • Check for properly seating of RAM modules, if needed remove and reinstall each one.
  • Swapping RAM modules.
  • Replace RAM modules one at a time.
  • Motherboard can have problem due broken socket or trace so replace the motherboard.
  • Update operating system with latest patch for the software from the manufacturer’s Web site.
  • New hardware can also cause problem, uninstall the new hardware and check.

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