Troubleshoot Monitor

  • Check for loose electrical and video signal cables.
  • Check for bad contrast/brightness adjustments.
  • Check for video settings in BIOS
  • Check for correct refresh rate, resolution and color depth as per the video card and OS.
  • Plug the monitor’s power cable into a different outlet.
  • Attach the monitor to different computer. If the monitor still doesn’t work, replace the monitor’s cable. Make sure the cable is less than 5 feet long. If it still doesn’t work, the monitor should be replaced or repaired and if it works then video card has problem.
  • If using video card, unplug PC from the monitor and power outlet. Remove the cover. Pull the video card out of the slot on the system board. Reseat it and clean the edges of connector. Be sure the connection is secure.
  • Reinstall the video card drivers or download a new version of the drivers if present.
  • Try different screen resolutions to resolve the problem.
  • Determine whether the problem is caused by electrical interference due to which monitor appear jumpy or wavy. Move any speakers, radios, fans or other items that can cause electrical interference away from the monitor.

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