TCP IP Protocols and Ports

Some common protocols and their ports

FTP–  It is File Transfer Protocol to transfer files between PC. Connect to a FTP server, on port 21 by FTP client software like FileZilla.

SSH– Secure Shell exchanges data between PC on a secured channel on port 22.

TELNET – It is Telecommunication network (Telnet) to give remote access to PC by command line using port 23.

SMTP –  It is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol to send email. E-mail client software send e-mail to SMTP server on port 25.

HTTP –  It is Hypertext Transfer Protocol to give web pages from a web server to web browser on port 80.

POP3 –  It is Post Office Protocol Version 3 and used by email clients to get email from a mail server on port 110.

HTTPS –  It is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure to sends and receives web information like HTTP securely by using Transport Layer Security protocol by port 443.

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