Cloud computing strategy refers to the plan of action that an organization adopts to leverage cloud computing technology to meet its business objectives. A cloud computing strategy involves identifying the business requirements, assessing the benefits and risks of using cloud services, selecting the appropriate cloud deployment model (public, private, or hybrid), and defining the migration and integration approach.

A cloud computing strategy should also consider the organization’s existing IT infrastructure, security and compliance requirements, and budget constraints. It should aim to optimize resource utilization, increase agility, and reduce costs while ensuring scalability, reliability, and security of the cloud environment.

To formulate an effective cloud computing strategy, organizations should conduct a thorough analysis of their current IT landscape, identify the areas that can benefit from cloud adoption, and develop a phased migration plan. The strategy should also include provisions for ongoing monitoring, optimization, and governance of the cloud environment.

Overall, a well-defined cloud computing strategy can help organizations to harness the power of cloud computing to accelerate their digital transformation and stay ahead in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

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