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It refers to the process of traversal or moving around in a web site. Web sites are a collection of web pages which are linked together as per contextual need. Web pages also use images, video, sound files, style file as in CSS file and script files as in Javascript files. Hence all such files should be properly managed to use them for accessing or editing by having a directory or folder structure for the purpose. It is similar to the folder structure in a operating system.

The root directory (or root folder) is the main directory that holds the web site and usually it is the folder to which the web server points to when the domain name is typed in the browser like ‘htdocs’ or ‘html’ in Apache web server or as in a PC ‘C:\” is the root directory of C drive.

A subdirectory is a directory is within another directory as ‘windows’ is usually a subdirectory in C drive’s root directory and is accessed in command prompt as ‘C:\Windows’ similarly there are ‘images’ sub folder or sub directory in the ‘html’ or ‘htdocs’ directory.

A parent directory is a directory that contains another directory like ‘\’ or root directory is the parent of ‘Windows’ and similarly ‘html’ or ‘htdocs’ is parent of ‘images’.

As illustrated

Site Structure

Site Structure 2

Site Structure 3

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