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Role Profiling & Performance Feedback

Role Profiling Methods

Role profiles are described in terms of,

  • Outputs
  • Measures/standards
  • Measurement methods
  • Competencies (knowledge, skills, experience, qualification, behavioral competencies with behavioral indicators)

Trained consultants facilitate role profiles. Role experts and visionaries attend role profile workshop and it is conducted for four hours. This methodology provides amount of learning and insight into role requirements that are obtained. It is best to use a combination of different job analysis methods in order to design a robust, relevant and justifiable competency model.

Performance Feedback

Performance feedback helps companies and their employees to know about the actual status of their work and areas for improvement.  Performance feedback should be used to know about both the organization and the employees. Performance appraisal can be positive or negative, and is often expressed in a variety of ways. Performance feedback is actually an informal continuous process. Feedback should be used for a constructive purpose both for the organization as well as the employee.

We need to have a good conceptual framework to understand what types of pay systems are most likely to be effective.  We need to recognize that effectiveness is a multi-faceted concept that could include at a minimum, cost, productivity, innovation, quality, financial, and attitudinal dimensions. At the individual level of analysis, theories have been used to show how pay plans can be used to energize, direct, and control employee behavior.  Three such theories are used in research on pay

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