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Responsibility of the Appraiser

Performance appraisals are most productive when they are collaborative, both people are prepared ahead of time and there have been continuous discussions about performance throughout the year. The performance appraisal meeting should be a two-way conversation, with the purpose of providing feedback on performance, establishing future objectives, defining development opportunities and exchanging information. Although each manager may conduct the appraisal in a slightly different manner, the following are some key responsibilities in the scope of the appraiser,

  • Establish a rapport; the goal should be to create an environment in which both the employee and the appraiser are at ease.
  • Be prepared – know the objectives and goals of the meeting.
  • Time and place – choose a quiet, private spot with very limited interruptions.
  • Reviewing the purpose of the interview, indicating the benefits of the appraisal process.
  • Encouraging the employee to participate; ask questions, bring up issues at anytime;
  • Be prepared to address any questions that arise; this must be a two-way conversation.
  • Review the job itself before you zero in on individual performance in that job.
  • Have the employee share their Self Appraisal with you; discuss any areas of performance you have also noted as well as those that differ.

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