Quality Management System- Requirements

QMS- Requirements

The quality management system requirements mean documenting and implementing done to determine the nature of the process for ensuring that the product meets customer requirements.

qms requirements

Fundamental principles in ISO 9001:2000

Customer needs/requirements
  • The organization must focus on customer needs and specify them for the organization.
  • Moreover, the aim of this is to achieve customer confidence in the products and/ or services.
Quality policy
  • The organization should define and publish its quality policy, which forms one element of the corporate policy.
  • Above all, they should give full commitment to ensuring the implementing, maintaining and understanding the policy in the organization.
Quality objectives and planning
  • Organizations must establish written quality objectives and explain the responsibilities of each function and level in the organization.
Management review
  • Management reviews of the system must be done by top management at specific intervals, with records to indicate the actions decided upon.
  • Moreover, considering the effectiveness of these actions during subsequent reviews.
Quality manual
  • In the quality manual for a large organization, it may be convenient to indicate simply the existence and contents of other manuals.
  • Moreover, those containing the details of procedures and practices in operation in specific areas of the system.
Control of documents
  • The organization needs to establish procedures for controlling the new and revised documents for the operation of the quality management system.
  • Moreover, documentation needs to be legible, readily identifiable and should be in an orderly manner.
Control of quality records
  • Firstly, Quality records are for demonstrating conformance requirements and effective operation of the quality management system.
  • Moreover, there is a need to control Quality records from suppliers.
  • In addition, there is an establishment of retention times of quality records.
Customer-related processes
  • One of the first processes is the one for identifying customer requirements.
  • Moreover, identifying customer requirements needs to review before a commitment to supply a product/service is given to the customer.

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