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Performance Review Skills

The important duty for new managers is to contribute an organization’s formal or informal performance review process.  One of the important undertakings for new managers is to develop specific skills that provide fair and just performance review.

There are three critical elements to a great performance review.

  • Clear expectations that focus on results
  • Well-defined performance standards
  • Clearly defined performance measures

Clear Expectations

“Distinguishing Activities from Results”

The new manager will be an effective manager when he understands the differences between activities and results. New managers should have results and define those results for their employees. Sometimes they can ask the employees about a particular task, about performance

A new manager must ask himself what the purpose is for assisting.

Well-Defined Performance Standards

“Defining good work”

Well-defined performance standards answer the question: “What does good performance look    like?” They also allow for self-management and self-responsibility. Four factors can be used to create performance standards that affect the success of the business.

  • Quality – Does the stakeholder or customer mind how well the work is done?
  • Quantity – Does the stakeholder or customer take care how many are produced or how fast things get done?
  • Time – Is it important to achieve the activity by a certain time or date?
  • Budget – Does the stakeholder or customer take care about the cost, or is it important to achieve the activity within certain cost limits?

Clearly defined performance measures

The Gold Standard – The Importance of Setting Minimum Performance Goals”

All supervisors and managers must be able to articulate to direct reports the standards that represent the evaluation scale used by the organization. Performance goals should start with what the minimum acceptable performance for the specific job responsibility is. Goals should not rest on what the employee has achieved in the past. It can be rested on the new manager targets for employee to achieve in the future, or how the employee fares against other employees. A specific target should be there for an individual for a specific job. The performance review process loses it credibility and integrity when the rules are not followed and a lower-performing employee gets higher marks and talented employees get disappointed. The moderate performing employees share organizational rewards at the same rate as higher performing employees.

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