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Performance Counseling

Performance Counseling is very important for employees to know the level of their performance and the area in which they need to improve. Performance counseling is a very useful activity provided both the counselor and the counselee take it in the right spirit. It helps the employee as well as the organization to identify weaknesses and then to formulate strategies to improve the performance. Performance improvement ultimately helps the organization to meet its goals and objectives. It is always important to evaluate the performance of the employees periodically to find out their level of efficiency.

Some standard methods have been devised to make employees understand how far they are from the expected standards so that their performance can be improved. Those employees who lag behind in certain key performance areas must be assisted to analyze and improve their performance levels. Therefore the process of performance appraisal helps to evaluate and improve the performance of the employees so that they can give their best to achieve the goals of the organization as well as achieve better career satisfaction.

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