Negotiation Manager Tutorials

1. The Nature of Negotiations

1.1 The Essence of Negotiation
1.2 Negotiation Definition
1.3 Negotiation Need
1.4 Negotiation a Important Skill
1.5 The Dual Concerns Modal
1.6 The Pros and Cons of Negotiating
1.7 The Shadow Negotiation

2. Preparation

2.1 The Essence of Preparation
2.2 The Preparation Process, or How Make It All Happen
2.3 Strategic Planning
2.4 Strategy Implementation
2.5 Rapport Building and Testing Assumptions
2.6 Where Should You Negotiate?

3. Distributive Bargaining

3.1 The Essence of Distributive Bargaining
3.2 Preparation and Distributive Bargaining
3.3 Tactics of Distributive Bargaining
3.4 Hardball Tactics and Dirty Tricks
3.5 Commitments

4. Integrative Negotiation

4.1 The Essence of Integrative Negotiation
4.2 Preparation and Integrative Bargaining
4.3 Integrative Negotiating Myths
4.4 Tactics of Integrative Bargaining
4.5 Use Objective Criteria to Evaluate Options
4.6 Fine Tuning your Efforts to Achieve Integrative

5. Closing Deals

5.1 The Essence of Closing Deals
5.2 The Most Common Objections
5.3 Closing Deals and Closing Tactics
5.4 Split the Difference or Compromise
5.5 Cost-Benefit or Balance Sheet
5.6 Multiple Equivalent Offers
5.7 Sweeteners
5.8 Default Options
5.9 Other Closing Tactics to Consider (If the Relationship Matters Less)

6. Communication

6.1 The Essence of Interpersonal Communication
6.2 Communication and Negotiation
6.3 The Channels or Media Used by Negotiators to Exchange Massages
6.4 Communicating Without Words

7. Decision Making

7.1 The Essence of Decision Making in Negotiation
7.2 Decision-Making Errors

8. Power and Influence

8.1 The Essence of Power and Influence
8.2 Where Power Comes From and How I Can Increase My Own
8.3 Influence
8.4 Defending against Others’ Attempts to Influence you
8.5 Negotiating With Inferior Power

9. Ethics

9.1 The Essence of Ethics in Negotiation
9.2 What Might Cause Negotiators to Behave Unethically?
9.3 What If We Are Unethical or “See Unethical” and Don’t Even Know It?
9.4 Tactics That Commonly Raise Ethical Questions
9.5 Determining Whether Negotiating Behavior Is Unethical
9.6 The Consequences of Unethical Negotiating Behavior
9.7 Legal Pitfalls When You Negotiate

10. Multiparty Negotiations

10.1 The Essence of Multiparty Negotiations
10.2 Why Multiparty Negotiations Are More Complex
10.3 Agents and Representatives
10.4 Inter-team Negotiations

11. Individual Differences

11.1 The Essence of Individual Differences
11.2 Gender
11.3 Personality
11.4 Negotiation Styles
11.5 Emotions and Emotional Intelligence

12. International Negotiations

12.1 The Essence of International Negotiations
12.2 How International and Domestic
12.3 Culture

13. Difficult Negotiations

13.1 The Essence of Difficult Negotiations
13.2 Impasses
13.3 Dirty Tricks
13.4 Alternative Approaches for Managing Difficult Negotiations
13.5 Managing Difficult Conversations
13.6 Saying ‘No’ to People Who Are Important to You

14. Third-Party Intervention

14.1 The Essence of Third-Party Intervention
14.2 Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
14.3 Mediation
14.4 Arbitration
14.5 Managers as Third Parties

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