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Need for Prioritization

Human motivation is a response that our body has to some form of either internal or external stimulation. It means that our body is responding to stimulation. We are directing a behavior to a particular goal. Humans need to be motivated to do just about anything in life. That is why it is so important to set goals.

There are three basic types of personalities that determine human motivation.

  • The need for achievement is the drive to excel at things and strive to succeed.
  • The need for power is the desire to make people behave a certain way with the power of human motivation.
  • The need for affiliation is the strong needs for close interpersonal relationships with others.

In order to get motivated, one needs to first set goals out in front of them to meet. They need to be goals that are within reach. Then after it is time to get a plan on what it will take to meet the goals.  Prioritize the things that need to be done in order to achieve this motivation. The final stage to human motivation is to make a commitment to keep focused on the goals.

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