Multimedia Basics

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Multimedia in web page involves culmination and usage of various media forms on a webpage like music or video to make an engrossing browsing experience for the user. Earlier hardware for multimedia was expensive but now with progress in computing technology, multimedia hardware is integrated usually with the motherboard in the computers as on-board sound and video adapters which provide high quality graphics and sound.

Multimedia refers to presentations of various types of media like audio, video, text, graphics, or animation, which are integrated into a single file format on internet.

Video chat, videoconferencing and streaming of songs and video are becoming more common now which is also made possible in developments of newer browsers with good support for various multimedia formats. With release of HTML 5 support for multimedia format has been improved by inclusion of multimedia specific tags and is being standardized.

Multimedia File formats are different types of files which are saved using different compression techniques for audio and video, which can affect the quality of the recording and file size.

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