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Learning about Appium Clients

We will now briefly discuss about Appium Clients and servers. This will help you build a good knowledge base.

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With this in mind, remember Appium is just an HTTP server. It sits and waits for connections from a client, which then instructs Appium what kind of session to start and what kind of automation behaviors to enact once a session is started. This means that you never use Appium just by itself. You always have to use it with a client library of some kind or, in case you are adventurous, cURL!.

In general, Appium uses the same protocol as Selenium, called the WebDriver Protocol. You can do a lot of things with Appium just by using one of the standard Selenium clients. You may even have one of these on your system already. It’s enough to get started, especially if you’re using Appium for the purpose of testing web browsers on mobile platforms.

Additionally, Appium can do things that Selenium can’t, though, just like mobile devices can do things that web browsers can’t. For that reason, we have a set of Appium clients in a variety of programming languages, that extend the regular old Selenium clients with additional functionality. You can see the list of clients and links to download instructions at the Appium clients list.

Therefore, before moving forward, make sure you have a client downloaded in your favorite language and ready to go.

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