Lean and Six Sigma Benefits

Lean and Six Sigma Benefits

Lean and Six Sigma Benefits- Lean Six Sigma increases the company’s earnings by streamlining processes. Streamlined processes result in products or services that are completed faster and more efficiently at no cost to quality.

Simply put, Lean Six Sigma increases revenue by enabling the organization get more done with less. That is, it can sell, manufacture, and provide more products or services using fewer resources.

The benefits:

  1. Decreasing costs: 

    Lean Six Sigma decreases costs by removing “Waste” from a process. Waste is any activity within a process that is not needed to manufacture a product or provide a service that is up to specification. Resolving problems in the process of production saves expenses. Lean Six Sigma enables one to tweak processes that cost the business valuable resources.

  2. Increasing efficiency:

    Lean Six Sigma maximizes the business’ efforts toward delivering a satisfactory product or service to the customers and allows allocation of resources/revenue produced from your newly improved processes towards growing your business.It enables a company to operate through efficient processes.

  3. Improve Employee Efficiency:

    Involving employees in the improvement process promotes active participation and results in an engaged, accountable team. This builds trust and transparency at all levels. A sense of ownership and accountability develops with employees which further increases effectiveness at delivering results.

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