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Leadership and Motivation

It is essentially about commitment to doing something. It can be said to be about – “The will to work”.

Motivation is about more than simply working hard or completing tasks. Entrepreneurs and staff can find motivation from a variety of sources. Motivation can come from the enjoyment of the work itself, from the desire to achieve certain goals, from the sense of satisfaction gained from completing something, or achieving a successful outcome after a difficult project or problem solved.

Motivation matters more in business. People’s behavior is determined by what motivates them. The performance of employees is a product of both their abilities and motivation. A motivated employee can often deliver far more than is expected from them others.

Benefits of a well-motivated workforce

A well-motivated workforce can provide several advantages.

  • Better productivity (amount produced per employee). This leads to lower unit costs of production and  enables a firm to sell its product at a lower price
  • Lower levels of absenteeism as the employees are content with their working lives
  • Lower levels of staff turnover (the number of employees leaving the business).  This also leads to lower training and recruitment costs
  • Improved industrial relations with trade unions
  • Contented workers give the firm a good reputation as an employer. It makes easier to recruit the best workers.
  • Motivated employees are likely to improve product quality or the customer service associated with a product.

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