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Job Sharing and Satisfaction

Job sharing is one alternative work option. Two people share the same position in a company, each working a part of the week. Simply defined, job sharing is two professionals forming a partnership to perform one job. Most commonly practiced by mothers striving for greater balance, job sharing helps create happy, loyal workers and contributes to greater productivity in the office. Job sharing is not, two people doing a part-time job but it is one job description, one job, and one identity created by two people. Because the two perform one job, their identities often morph. In fact, job sharing teams report that clients often did not know which of the two was on the receiving end of the call. For job sharers, this is a mark of success. Job sharing takes a leap of faith and a willingness to overcome obstacles. The decision to take this route comes with fear amongst all stakeholder groups — fear that you won’t get along with your job share partner, that your peers won’t be supportive, and that others will doubt the arrangement can work, or worse get confused, and that you will have to repeat everything twice.

Any couple in a job share needs to take the time to strategize their method of working together. You develop a system of communicating and sharing information. Of course, because there are few existing models to emulate, it takes initiative and enthusiasm to go against the norm and develop what works best for you. But over time, the fears dissipate, they say.

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