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Performance Appraisal Job Analysis

Personnel management takes job analysis as a primary tool. Here the personnel manager always focuses to gather, synthesize and implement the information available with respect to the work force in the concern. The aim of the personnel manager is to put the right man on right job. A personnel manager comes out with two outcomes of a job analysis.

  • Description of Job
  • Specification of Job

The information that is collected under job analysis,

  • Nature of jobs
  • Size of organizational structure
  • Suitable employee required for the job
  • The relation of the job with other jobs in the concern
  • Professional qualification and academic qualification required for the job
  • Infrastructural requirements

Merits of Job Analysis

  • Helps the personnel manager to select the right man for right job
  • Prompts to evaluate the job and to design training required
  • Better the scope for performance appraisal
  • Helps to chalk out the plans for the employees
  • Mispresentation in chain of command does not exist.

The job analyst will write-up the results of the analysis and review them with the job incumbent. The documentation is then presented to the incumbent’s supervisor for review (often the incumbent’s supervisor is the job analyst.) The supervisor may add, delete or modify duties, knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics. After supervisory approval is obtained, the documentation is forwarded through channels for final approval. A signed and dated job description is then prepared. This job description becomes the official record for this particular job.

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