Introduction to Content Writing

Introduction to Content Writing

Content writing is an art of writing specific content for a website that would drive tariff to it. This type of writing requires good writing and language skills. Basically content writing can be any kind of writing that is read on internet like website writing, SEO copy writing, SEO writing and blogging etc. The piece of writing must be genuine and authentic with no particular format but the style counts a lot.

The content must be informative that adds to knowledge of the viewer which demands practice and deep knowledge which can only be gained by experience. A content writer is a person with good learning skills who can get a good grip on the object he/she is describing. He must be simple and concise in his writing with a goal set to get people to read.

Content writing like any other form of writing requires in depth knowledge and great skill. In order for an article to be successful, the written content must be original and valuable. There are a few general principals followed by writers.

Writing an effective content

  • Focus on the customer: The website will gain acceptance among its viewers only if it has something to offer them. It should be informative and should immediately convey the main theme at the beginning itself.
  • Choose a simple, impersonal style: The readers are not interested in judging the writer’s scholarship.
  • Keep a maximum of “15 seconds” to grab the visitor’s attention.

Some common types of formats for written content:

      • Article writing
      • Blog writing
      • Bios
      • E-Books (Free Report)
      • Landing Pages
      • Press Release writing
      • Newsletter writing
      • Social Media Posts and Syndication
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