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Interview based on Competency

Competency based practices have gained much of an attention from the modern organizations. By honing the skills and competencies of the employees on a continuous basis they aim at achieving the best possible performance in the long term. Competency based management systems are focuses upon how an organization attains a desired performance. The supervisors provide a feedback to the employees on the performance appraisal goals achieved and how the work was executed by aligning competencies within the performance management framework.

Competency focused performance management systems is a useful tool for helping the employees in understanding the performance expectations and improving the competencies. They are strategic in nature and influence almost every area of human capital management which starts with the hiring of an employee and ends with the retirement. By relying upon competencies which support fulfillment of organizational goals, it aims at standardizing and integrating all HR activities

Competency mapping, job rotations, improvements in the appraisal system, initiatives in implementation of a transparent system of feedback and communication, clear definition of job profiles and their accountability and many others, improve the competitiveness of an organization.

Performance management systems are based on personal competencies which distinguish high performers from the average performers. The personal competencies are derived from the values and core competencies of an organization. Organizations which use core competencies based systems are regarded as high performers or visionaries. Competencies are primarily job specifications concerned with the knowledge, skills and abilities of an individual. This defines the personal as well as the organizational success. Achievement orientation, team work, analytical thinking, relationship building, customer service orientation etc. are individual competencies which are utilized as a yardstick for evaluating and monitoring both individual and organizational performance and their effectiveness.

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