Internal parts

These are methods of improving the aesthetic outlook of the interior enclosed spaces inside the building structure. These may be used to accentuate the contours of the rooms and use the space in the most effective manner.

The following are the ways that may used to landscape interior spaces

Mats, rugs and carpets

They are floor accessories used to improve the overall appearance of the rooms and their floors.

Curtains and drapes

They are used to accessorize the walls and windows. May be used to cool the room during hot sunny days and also impart privacy to the rooms during night time.


Furniture is used to equip the room to accommodate the people living in the area and also support their daily activities such as sleeping, eating, studying, etc.

Paints and distempers

These are used to impart colour to the walls and introduce an element of hue in the surroundings. These may also be used to differentiate different parts of the building or house.

Glass ware

Glass ware is used to bring in shine and grandeur to the day to day activities.

False ceilings, cove lights and concealed lights

These may be used to bring in dimensionality. False ceilings and cove lights may be used to impart a sense of multiple layers and use of varied lights may accentuate the look of the ceilings and the panels.

External Parts

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