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External landscaping refers to the process of improving the overall appearance and aesthetics of the external spaces or the space that lies outside the confines of your building structure but in the vicinity. External landscaping is important to impose a feel of appreciation to the person coming in or out of the structure. It is also important to improve the overall appearance of the building/home from the outside to attract more business, customers or visitors.

There are many ways to enhance the external outlook of any space and it can be achieved by using a variety of tools and instruments such as:

Plants and greenery

This method is the most common way of external landscaping. Use of potted plants, grass (where possible), ornamental or money plants, flowers etc are used to elevate the aesthetics of the external space in the vicinity.


Fountains are used to impart the impression of cleanliness that is usually associated with water. Fountains at entrances play a vital role in imparting the general idea of the state of affairs of the building.

Benches/ stools/ bean bags/ couches

These tools are used to make the entree comfortable or at ease. These are usually provided in offices, interview rooms, etc.

Ornamental lamps and hangings

They are mainly used to beef up the aesthetics of the space.

Door lamps and wind chimes

These are mainly used to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Decorative name plates

These are mainly used to state the name of the building, office, or residence in a regal manner and make the entree appreciative of his surroundings.

Decorative tiles and mosaics

Impart an artistic flair to the external landscape making it more attractive and striking.

Consoles and rugs

These can be used in enclosed external spaces where there is no possibility of decay and theft. These can be used near benches or seats to give a feeling of comfort and affluence to the visitor.

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