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Installing selenium grid

Installing a selenium grid

Here are detailed, step by step instructions, on the process of installing Selenium Grid

Step 1: Verify That JDK 1.5 is Installed

  • The appropriate JDK should be installed and should be available out-of-the-box. You can double-check this by openning a terminal window and running the following command
  • java -version
  • The command output should indicate that a 1.5 version of the JDK is available. If not, install it in your machine.

Step 2: Install Ant 1.7

  • Check that you have the right Ant version (1.7) by running in a terminal:
  • ant -version
  • If it does not returns the appropriate version then install Ant as given in Step 2A.
  • Step 2a: Installing Ant 1.7
  1. Download Ant version 1.7 from
  2. Once it has been downloaded, unzip the file in a directory on your local system.
  3. You then need to modify your PATHso that your system picks up the right Ant launcher. Just go to a Terminal window and:
  4. Verify and update user path so that the freshly installed Ant version 1.7 is first in your path

Step 3: Installing Selenium Grid

  • Download the latest version of Selenium Grid from
  • Unzip the file into a directory. We will refer to the directory where Selenium Grid is installed as “Selenium Grid Home”.
  • Verify the Selenium Grid install: from the terminal window go to the Selenium Grid home directory and run: ant sanity-check
  • If the build is successful, you are all set!
  • Congratulations, it now time to put Selenium Grid to work


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