Install RAM

  • Switch off the computer power and disconnect the power cord.
  • Remove the computer top cover as per the chassis manual.
  • Touch an unpainted, grounded metal object to discharge any static electricity stored on your clothing or body.
  • Locate the memory expansion sockets on the computer motherboard. If all the sockets are full, remove smaller capacity modules to allow room for higher capacity modules.
  • Remove the memory module from its anti-static package, handling it by the edges; do not flex or bend the module. Locate notches on the bottom edge of the module to align it over the open memory slot.
  • Firmly insert the bottom edge of the memory module into the slot.
  • Press down evenly against the module’s upper corners. The end latches snap into position, holding the module in place. To avoid damaging a memory module slot, move the end latches slightly outward to relieve pressure. The module clicks into place.
  • After completely seating module in the socket. Repeat this procedure for any additional modules to install.
  • Reinstall any components or cables add-on you may have removed. Replace the screw that secures the power supply to the chassis.

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