Inspiring Leadership

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True leadership is constant – it’s anywhere and anytime.

No matter what level of leadership you’re involved in, you’ll want to be a “true” leader – and to be regarded as one by those around you. A true leader is one who inspires others. This is the difference between leadership and management. Managers develop strategies, policies, and methods to ensure an organization is running efficiently and smoothly.

When you inspire others, they’ll be motivated and will want to work for you. They’ll also be energized by your presence. Because of all this, those around you will be more likely to meet their potential.

You can develop leadership qualities by changing your behavior and activating your inner greatness. When you truly work hard at being an inspiring leader, you demonstrate credibility and create a community with a shared vision.

There are four key qualities that people look for in a true leader:

  • honesty
  • progressiveness
  • ability to motivate
  • competence

The key to inspiring leadership is credibility. Others must believe that you’re trustworthy, passionate, enthusiastic, and have the knowledge and ability to lead. You establish credibility if you do what you say you’ll do, be clear about what you stand for, ensure others understand your position, and put your beliefs into practice.

It’s possible to become an inspirational leader by actively demonstrating leadership qualities. The most important quality for a leader is honesty. Others need to believe that the leader is truthful, ethical, and principled. Finally, a leader must demonstrate competence, which means convincing others that you possess the experience and judgment necessary to lead.

There are five key traits that inspiring leaders embody in their behavior.

  • Enable others to act
  • Share a vision
  • Challenge current structures or processes
  • Encourage others
  • Model what you’re asking of others


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