Inserting Content

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Any type of content can be put in a table cell as elsewhere on a web page but content should be in the opening and closing <td> tags and tags used to format that content should also be included between the <td> tags.

If the table runs up against another element in the web page or the edge of the window then the browser wraps the content. For a blank cell with no content, usually a nonbreaking space (&nbsp;) between the opening and closing td tags is used. Text and images can be inserted in a cell as

Text – Text in a cell can be customized by using text formatting tags like bold, italics, etc.

Images – The img tag is used in the cell in which image should appear.

Text, images, and other media types like animation, sound and video can be combined within table cells by using their tags in the cell tag. The key is determining which elements go in which cells.

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