Input control or “control”

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They are the HTML elements which take input from the user. They are enclosed in the <form> tag. For different types of input, different types of controls are used which include

  • Text inputs
  • Check boxes
  • Radio buttons
  • Select menus
  • File selects
  • Buttons (submit buttons, reset buttons, and push buttons)
  • Hidden controls

Many of these different controls are created with an input tag, but with different type attribute as per the control to be used as


<input type=”text” />


“name “ attribute is used by all controls as it identifies each control for processing and data transfer like e-mail website (gmail, rediff) have “username” and “password” text fields to give data for validation. Value for attribute should be unique and is case-sensitive.

Every control has an initial value and a current value. An initial value is an optional value

given to a control when the form is coded and a current value is given by user which is to be processed with the form.

A sample form image with different control name is shown

Input control or “control”

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