HTML5 Global attributes

HTML5 Global attributes

Attributes which apply to all elements are called global attributes like accesskey, class, dir, id, lang, style, tabindex and title. There are also several new global attributes in HTML5 as

  • The contenteditable attribute for an editable area.
  • The contextmenu attribute for a context menu.
  • The data-* collection of author-defined attributes.
  • The draggable and dropzone attributes.
  • The hidden attribute for an element which is not yet, relevant.
  • The role and aria-* collection attributes.
  • The spellcheck attribute.

HTML5 also makes all event handler attributes from HTML4, which take the form onevent-name, global attributes and adds several new event handler attributes for new events it defines. E.g. the play event which is used by the API for the media elements (video and audio).

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