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Planning System of Hoshin Kanri

Management by Objectives (MBO) came up with Hoshin Kanri, it is basically a planning system. Moreover, Hoshin Kanri is superior to other forms of planning. Especially, with integrating Total Quality Management (TQM) with the business plan of an organization. Above all, it is also known as Hoshin Planning, policy management, and policy deployment.

hoshin kanri

Hoshin Planning Principles

  • Hoshin planning formulates around companies to know what their customers will want in five to ten years. Moreover, understanding what needs to be done to meet and pass all expectations.
  • Above all, this requires a planning system that integrates Deming’s “Plan-Do-Study-Act” language, and activity of clear long-term thinking.
  • Moreover, planning should integrate with daily activities hold up by good vertical and cross-functional communication.
  • Lastly, everyone in the organization should get involve with planning at local levels for ensuring a significant buy-in to the overall process.

Major elements of the model

Five-year vision:

This includes a draft plan by the president and executive group. Moreover, this is an improvement plan derive from internal and external obstacles.

The one-year plan:

This involves the selection of activities on the feasibility and likelihood of achieving results. Moreover, ideas are taken from the five-year vision, the environment, and ideas from last year’s performance.

Deployment to departments:

This includes the selection of optimum targets and means. Moreover, it focuses on the identification of key implementation items and a consideration of how they can systematically accomplish the plan.

Implementation in detail:

This is basically the implementation of the deployment plans. Above all, the major focus is on contingency planning to accomplish the tasks that are in a sequence of orders.

Monthly diagnosis:

This is the analysis of things that help in the progress and the activities to benefit from this learning. Moreover, it focuses attention on the process rather than the target and also the root cause rather than the symptoms.

President’s annual diagnosis :

This is the progress review to develop activities that will continue to help each manager function at their full potential. Above all, the annual audit provides that information in summary and in detail.

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