Financial Evaluation of Investments

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Financial Evaluation of Investments

Financial evaluation: of a project is analysis of a project for checking whether project is profitable or not before taking project in hand. We also review the project by investigating its cost, risk and return. If we have lots of alternatives projects, then we select best project on the basis of financial evaluation. In simple words, we uses following tools for financial evaluating of a project.

1. Evaluate the Cost of Project
2. Time Value of Investment in Money
3. NPV
4. IRR
5. Pay back period
6. Risk Evaluating

Financial analysis includes:

  • Structure analysis of the Assets and Liabilities
  • Liquidity analysis
  • Financial sustainability analysis
  • Evaluation of financial performance
  • Bankruptcy tests (Taffler`s, Liss`s, Altman`s and Springate`s models)
  • Credit analysis (Durand`s credit scoring)

Advantages of financial analysis:

  • confidentiality of financial data, you do not need to reveal any sensitive data like company name, report period etc.;
  • the report will contain financial results, which describes and assesses the financial condition of the company;
  • ability to form quarterly, six, nine months or annual report;
  • the service calculates interim results to minimise errors while entering financial data;
  • it has the ability to produce the report not only for professionals but for users who do not have special knowledge.

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