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Factors Affecting Employee Development

Employee is a key element of the organization. The success or failure of the organization depends on employee performance.  Organizations are investing huge amount of money on employee development. The key variables identifies related to employee development and employee performance.  The development variables (employee learning, skill growth, self directed, employee attitude) and employee performance variable. The employee performance will affect on organizational effectiveness.

Employee Development is one of the most important functions of Human Resource Management. Employee development means to develop the abilities of an individual employee and organization as a whole. Hence employee development consists of individual or employee and overall growth of the employee. There is a direct relationship between Employee Development and Employee Performance. When employee performance would increase, this will lead to the organization effectiveness.

As employee’s development depends upon whether the employee is willing to participate or not. Employee development also depends upon the following factors

  • Organization Culture: If organization culture supports employees, it will encourage employees to participate in decision making. The employees would more develop and performance would increase.
  • Attitude of Top Management: Top Management attitude is another important factor that influences on employee developmental activities. It depends on the sincerity and commitment of the top management.
  • Limited Opportunities of Promotion: If opportunities of promotion are limited then employees would not participate in the employee developmental activities.

Developmental Activities

Coaching is an important activity for the employee development. Coaching is not formal. It involves treating employees as a personal partner in achieving both personal and organizational goals.

360 Degree Feedback and Developmental centers’ 360 degree feedback and development centers are preplanned and are based on prior defined assessment criteria. As developmental centers are present in the organization or there are many developmental centers outside the organization and are very important as they provide training to the individual employee.

  • Developmental Appraisal: Developmental appraisal is an ongoing process for the employee development during the whole year. Basically, it is a compulsory part of the Performance management. This appraisal will determine the weak area of employee where employee development is required in order to improve the employee performance.
  • Investment in Perceived Developmental Activities of the Employees: This is important in order to increase the employee performance. As investment in perceived developmental activities also provide the organization as a competitive advantage.

Competitive Advantage: If organizations would focus on employee developmental activities, this would help in enhancing the skills of the employees. This would help to develop realistic career plan and thus lead to increase the organizational effectiveness

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