The company can decide to export directly or indirectly to a foreign country.

Direct selling through distributors

It is considered to be the most popular option to companies, to develop their own international marketing capability. This is achieved by charging personnel from the company to give them greater control over their operations. Direct selling also give the company greater control over the marketing function and the opportunity to earn more profits.

Direct selling through foreign retailers and end users

Exporters can also sell directly to foreign retailers. Usually, products are limited to consumer lines; it can also sell to direct end users. A good way to generate such sales is by printing catalogs or attending trade shows.

Direct selling over the Internet

Ecommerce is an important mean to small and big companies all over the world, to trade internationally. We already can see how important e-commerce is for marketing growth among exporters companies in emerging economies, in order to overcome capital and infrastructure barriers, ecommerce eased engagements, provided faster and cheaper delivery of information, generates quick feedback on new products, improves customer service, accesses a global audience, levels the field of companies, and support electronic data interchange with suppliers and customers