Another prerequisite of export promotion is the marketing effort. It may be noted that ‘export’ is primarily a ‘sale’ transaction. Production can be converted into ‘sale’ only through the marketing effort. In other words ‘marketing effort’ provides the necessary link or ‘channel’ between production and sales. Hence, success on the export front is dependent upon the marketing effort. Export promotion policy in India therefore, pays special attention to the need for improving and strengthening export marketing effort. With this objective, the Government of India has established a very comprehensive network of institutions for servicing the export sector.

In other words; an effort has been made to provide the necessary infra structure for servicing the export sector, particularly to improve the export marketing effort. With this object in view, Government of India has established a number of specialized institutions for providing necessary services and assistance to individual corporate units from the export sector. Institutions established for strengthening export marketing effort include Export Promotion Council, Commodity Boards, Special Authorities and Industry Associations.

The primary ‘function of these institutions  is to provide the exporter with export marketing guidance and advice as well as complete information and details covering  almost all the critical elements involved in export marketing effort at the individual corporate unit level on a continuous  basis.