The service status holders’ shall be entitled to all the facilities provided in the policy.

The pre- requisite of export promotion policy is to exports increasingly price competitive in international market. A number of Price support measures in the form of fiscal as well as financial incentives have therefore been provided for the export sector in India.  The need for price- support measures in the form of export incentives arises on two accounts.

First, price levels in international markets are invariably the lowest, because of the high degree of competition therein.

On the other hand, Indian economy has over the years emerged as an economy with low productivity. Hence, for success full and viable export effort there is the need for incentives to provide the price support for rendering India’s exports competitive and viable.  Secondly, incentives exports also become necessary to neutralize the domestic market -pull on Indian exporters.

Hence, export incentives also aim at encouraging trade and industry in India to increasingly undertake export effort on a sustained basis. Under the export promotion policy of India, various types of   incentives have been provided for a price support measures. These include

  • Fiscal Incentives
  • Financial Incentives