Export promotion refers to that policy of the government that offers encouragement to the exporters with a view to enhance the export of the country. In order to achieve this objective they are given numerous incentives. The Export Promotion Council was established in 1992 under the companies act (Chapter 486).

EPC’s mandate is the promotion of exports by assisting exporters and producers of export goods to overcome bottlennecks in order to achieve higher levels of export performance and foreign exchange thereby enhancing economic growth.

The Basic objective of EPCs is to promote and develop the exports of the country. Each council is responsible for the promotion of a particular group of products, projects and services.

There are 19 Export Promotion Councils covering the following products: Apparels; Basic Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics; Chemicals and Allied Products; Carpet; Cashew; Cotton Textiles; Electronics & Computer software Engineering; Gems and Jewellery; Handicrafts; Handlooms; Leathers, Overseas Construction; Plastics and Linoleums; Shellac; Silk; Synthetic and Rayon Textiles; Sports Goods and Wool and Woolens. These councils are non-profit-making limited companies registered under the Company Act. The Ministry of Commerce provides necessary assistance in relation to their programmes of work.