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In the days of interweb infancy, the action of purchasing products online was often accompanied with visions of shady characters, sitting far away in an obscure country recently freed from the clutches of communism, ready to steal your credit card information. This image, however, has changed in recent years to become a fully accepted part of the buying process for a large majority of consumers. How did this come to be? Surely entering your credit card information online will still trigger an irrational fear in the back of your mind involving our shady character sitting in a dank lair amongst fading propaganda posters buying up copies of Tolstoy’s War and Peace using your credit card (who would have known he’s a Russian literature buff?). But in spite of all this, you still proceed, trusting the advanced state of online security to ward off identity thieves.

At what point did we transition into complete acceptance, paving the way for online shopping frenzies like Cyber Monday? To answer this question, it may be pertinent to take a brief look at how E-commerce has evolved over the years and examine the obstacles it had to overcome. Also, we will look at which websites and which programs really solidified E-commerce’s place as a mainstream way to shop.

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