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Effective communication skills

The desire to communicate, understanding how others learn, the intent, content, sender’s credibility, and time frame are the key elements of effective communication.  Strategic communication is an intentional process of presenting ideas in a clear, concise, and persuasive way. Five components of strategic communication include outcome, context, messages, tactical reinforcement, and feedback.

Positive communication will certainly increase the opportunities in career and business. Having good communication skills will enable to get ahead in certain areas where others who are less assertive may not succeed. A few things to keep your eyes on while practicing the fine art of communication are,

  • Body Language
  • Do no shy. Be sure to maintain a relaxed.

Other things that ensure your body is communicating your attentiveness to the conversation can include,

  • Making eye contact.
  • Nodding intermittently to acknowledge a strong point in the conversation.
  • Standing with hands clasped in front of you, never crossing your arms.
  • Not displaying nervous traits such as wringing hands, picking at your nails, or anything that the person communicating with you will view as a distraction from their conversation.

Speech and Attentiveness

When speaking, you need to be clear and concise. Speak on important matters directly and do not waste time with long drawn out stories. Make sure you ask whether they understand. Do not expect someone to just “know” what you are saying.

In addition, one of the most important aspects of verbal communication is the ability to practice active listening. This is not just actively waiting to talk. Always make mental notes of key points when someone is speaking to you. That way once you are given a chance to speak, you can respond to the most vital issues being dealt with. When others are speaking, try to think about the exact words that they are saying.

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