DMADV and DMADOV- DMADV stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, and Verify. The approach is for design and implementation of new services, products, or processes. Because of its thorough analysis, basis in data, and early identification of measures of success, DMADV can be a useful approach in implementing new initiatives or strategies to accomplish planning goals.

There are five major steps to the DMADV approach and component steps to each of those five. A key component of the DMADV approach is an active ‘toll gate’ check sheet review of the outcomes of each of the five steps before proceeding onto the next one.


Identify purpose, identify, and set measurable goals from the perspective of both the organization and stakeholder, develop schedule and guidelines for review, identify, and assess risks. 


The second part of the process is to use the defined metrics to collect data and record specifications in a way that can be utilized to help drive the rest of the process.

  • All the processes needed to successfully manufacture the product or service are assigned metrics for later evaluation.
  • Technology teams test the metrics and then apply them.

The output of the manufacturing process is tested by internal teams to have a baseline for improvement.

  • Leaders use data to identify areas of adjustment within the processes that will deliver improvement to either the quality or manufacturing process of a finished product or service.
  • Teams set final processes in place and make adjustments as needed.

The results of internal tests are compared with customer wants and needs. Any additional adjustments needed are made.

  • The improved manufacturing process is tested and test groups of customers provide feedback before the final product or service is widely released.

The final step in the methodology is ongoing. While the product or service is being released and customer reviews are coming in, the processes may be adjusted.

  • Metrics are further developed to keep track of on-going customer feedback on the product or service.
  • New data may lead to other changes that need to be addressed so the initial process may lead to new applications of DMADV in subsequent areas.

DMADOV is used in many cases which accommodates optimization i.e. Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Optimize and Verify.

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