Designing and Managing Services

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Developing Brand Strategies for Services

1. Choosing brand elements-The intangibility of services has implications for the choice of brand elements.Service companies can also differentiate through symbols and branding.The famous ITC Welcome group logo; Taj Hotel star getting different customer groups with different brands.

2. Establishing Image dimensions– Company credibility and perceived expertise, truthworthiness and likability are important associations customers make about a brand. Service firms must design marketing communication and information programs.These programs may be particularly effective at helping the firm to develop the proper brand personality. ICICI Prudential build image through marketing campaign.

3. Devising branding strategy– Services need to take under consideration to develop a brand hierarchy and brand portfolio that allows positioning and targeting of different market segments. Classes of service can be branded vertically on the basis of price and quality. In the hotel and airline industries, brand lines and portfolios have been created by brand extension and introductions.

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