Classification of Computers

Computers can be classified on basis of design, usage and size. Classification is detailed as

Super Computer

Super computers are the most powerful computer, used for solving complex problems by parallel processing on many processors (100 or more). It is used in research, defense and weather forecasting. PARAM supercomputer is made in India by C-DAC. CRAY, USA also makes them.

Mainframe Computer

They serve large number of computers (100+) for frequent information access. They are big in size and require big room for installation. HP 9000, IBM es/9000 are examples of same.

Mini Computer

They are comparatively smaller than mainframe and are used to serve many computers (usually less than 100). PDP-11, IBM AS/400 are their some examples.

Personal Computer

PC’s are most popular computers in today’s world due to small in size. They are available with microprocessor chips, manufactured by Intel or AMD and are used for various purposes like office management, education designing etc.

Some of other common computers types are

Notebook computer

It can fit easily inside a briefcase or bag. Laptops can operate without mains power on in-built batteries. Laptops with small screen (10”) are called netbook, which are low in price.

Personal Digital Assistant

They are the smallest of portable computers and used for personal data keeping.


They are powerful PC’s, which is used by engineers and graphic artist, are known as workstations.

Home Computer

They are PC’s used in homes for entertainment and computational purposes.

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