Circulate Documents for Review

Circulate Documents for Review

Circulating documents for review is a common practice in many workplaces, and Microsoft Word offers several tools to help facilitate this process. Here are the steps to circulate a document for review in Microsoft Word:

Open the document that you want to circulate for review.

Click on the “Review” tab in the ribbon.

Click on the “Start Inking” button to enable inking, which allows reviewers to add handwritten comments to the document.

Click on the “Track Changes” button to enable tracked changes, which will highlight any changes made by reviewers in the document.

Click on the “New Comment” button to add comments to the document, either as specific notes or as highlighted text.

Once you have made all necessary changes and added comments, save the document.

Click on the “Share” button to send the document to reviewers via email or another sharing method.

Select the “Email” option, and enter the email addresses of the reviewers.

Customize the email message as needed, and then click on “Send” to send the email.

Reviewers will be able to open the document, make comments and changes, and then return the document to you for further review or editing.

By following these steps, you can use Microsoft Word to circulate a document for review and collaborate with others on a project.

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