Characteristics of computer

Speed It refers to the speed of computation. It can perform a task in seconds and speed is measured in microseconds and nanoseconds.

Accuracy It is precision with which calculations are done. A computer maintains high degree of accuracy provided there is no human mistake i.e. faulty programming or inaccurate dates.

Consistency A computer can work for hours without lack of concentration or emotional feelings. It does not get tired and will do the jobs with same speed and accuracy.

Versatility A computer can perform various types of jobs like it can do scientific calculation, make drawings, etc. It can change over to various types of jobs within a very short span of time.

Remembrance power A computer has permanent storage device where each and every piece of information can be retained for a long period.

Lack of IQ IQ means Intelligence Quotient or intelligence to take decisions. A computer can only perform operations programmed or instructed by a person.

Malfunction Computers are subject to occasional breakdown or malfunction as other machines.

Wrong output Wrong instructions cannot be corrected so; wrong input results in wrong output.

No feelings since computer is a machine it is free from emotional and sentimental feelings.

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